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Wire Mesh Stainless

Stainless wire mesh is iron which is shaped like a wire and woven into sheets. Therefore in Indonesia this iron is more popular as iron or woven wire. The shape of this webbing is in the box or some are like parallelograms.
If the diameter is adjusted to the needs, Stainless wire mesh can be used for reinforcing concrete or slab. For high rise buildings, the size used is eight to ten. But for ordinary residential homes, you can use four to six sizes. And in addition to reinforcing the concrete, this type of iron can be used for reinforcing talud, risers or gabion wire. We are prosperous. Together we sell stainless wire mesh at a pretty good price, selling our stainless wire mesh of various types:
The following are the types:
A. Wire Mesh SS: Used for oil filters + medicines + flour.
B. Double Mesh SS: Used for plastic filters
C. Wire Mesh Counters: Used for pet nests.
D. Nylon Wire Mesh: Used for food-grade food filters & mosquito nets.
In addition, many are also used for wire netting hydroponix.
* For A sd C: Consists of 3 types: 201-Standard No Waterproof, 304-Waterproof, 316-Anti Chemical
* Wire Mesh itself aside from the type is also divided again in various thick materials

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